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Space-Saving Design Ideas

Space saving furniture


I’m on mobile but I bet the gift responding to this set is from The Lego movie.

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One more #tbt from the Gamestop Expo last week. Some Disney Infinity 2.0 figures that I saw for the first time: Hiro, Baymax, and Donald Duck. Can’t wait for the game to come out next week. I have something special coming my way. #gamestopexpo #bighero6 #hiro #baymax #donaldduck #disneyinfinity

#tbt to last week at the Gamestop Expo where they had every costume from every Assassin’s Creed on display so I had to take a ton of pics!! Can you name which game each costume belongs to? #assassinscreed #gamestopexpo #ubisoft

I haven’t posted map in a long while so here are a couple of my favorite ladies of the show. #TheyAllMyFavorites #wcw #WomenOfTheMapWednesday #KillingThreeBirdsWithOnePost

Dee and Dum welcome everyone to Halloween T. 👻🎃👻🎃👻🎃 (at Mad T Party)

I didn’t get to post this yesterday because I have no data wasn’t around wifi all day…but I got to meet Oswald! He is just the most adorable little rabbit and I’m glad he is with us now! The first of many selfies with this rabbit. (at Buena Vista Street)

#tbt to yesterday when we saw WWE Superstar Seth Rollins signing stuff for WWE 2K15. We were playing the game right behind him! He was right there! #TheBackOfHisHeadIsRidiculous #ItsHimISwear #wwe #wwe2k15 #sethrollins

Had a great time at the GameStop Expo today at the Anaheim Convention Center. Much smaller than E3 but still very fun. Got to play games that are not out yet but will be coming out very soon! I would have posted live but i had my data turned off and there was no wifi. I’ll post a couple more things from the expo later. #gamestopexpo #gamestopexpo2014 #gamestop #videogames


Alone in your house then your parents open the door


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